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Jeremiah and Lamentations

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Jeremiah was known as the weeping prophet. The call of God on his life was a difficult one. He was forbidden to marry, celebrate with the people of his day or attend their funerals. Jeremiah suffered insults, and was put in stocks to be publically mocked. He was thrown into a pit and left to die. The people of his own town wanted to kill him. His was a difficult ministry. He preached a message that the people of His day refused to accept yet for forty years he remained faithful to the call of God on his life and ministry. His life and words spoke the heart of God to a people who wanted nothing to do with it.

Jeremiah is an example for us to follow. This commentary looks at the ministry and message of the prophet Jeremiah. Each chapter concludes with some points to consider and items for prayer to help the reader apply the truth of the book to his or her life.

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