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The Final Dive: Educational Version

Length: 65 pages28 minutes


Simon was watching the school diving sports. Xavier stood on the one metre board, ready to take his dive. Xavier was the best diver in the school. He’d already won a spot to compete in the State Finals. This was his last dive. It was going to be his hardest – a double backflip.
Xavier had never done a double backflip before. No one at school had ever done a double backflip
The children were silent. The teachers were silent.
Simon blinked and rubbed his eyes. The sun’s heat made Xavier look hazy. Simon’s eyesight cleared.
Xavier turned around, facing away from the water. He carefully took his position, standing on his toes with his arms outstretched. He began to rock up and down, building up speed and bounce. As he was about to leap into the air, his legs buckled. One hand went to his forehead and he freewheeled backwards off the board.
There was a loud slap as he hit the water.
The diving coach jumped into the pool. He swam over to Xavier and helped him to the edge. A couple of other teachers grabbed Xavier’s arms and pulled him out of the water.
“Xavier! Xavier, are you all right?” they asked.
What is wrong with Xavier? Is he haunted?
Read this creepy tale to find out!
Reading level 3.3

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