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How to Build a Relationship with the God of Your Understanding: Part Three Living Life Fully

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In Part Three: Living Life Fully of Jane Beach's three-part series, How to Build a Relationship with the God of Your Understanding, you will learn to celebrate YOU! As you begin to let go of old beliefs and patterns of behavior that are no longer working for you, you’ll discover what’s important to you and what you stand for today. You’ll learn to grow through difficult life circumstances instead of feeling defeated by them, becoming more accepting of yourself and others.
You are worthy of being joyously happy, abundant, healthy and free! As you consciously choose optimism as a way of co-creating the life of your dreams, your inner wisdom – your personal cheerleader – stands ready to guide the way as the universe works behind the scenes, conspiring for your success.
In the continuing process of nurturing a personal relationship with the God of your understanding you’ll come to realize that you are much more special than you ever thought yourself to be. Yes, you—exactly as you are! You are a blessing to the world.

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