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Journey Into The Unknown (A Pair Of Christian Pioneer Novellas)

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Christian Lumberjack In The Old West, is a wonderful and emotional novella about one man’s journey into life, and the old west, when he goes to Oregon to become a lumberjack. His story is told through a contemporary woman, a librarian in New York who finds most of the man’s journal in the dusty reaches of the library basement. Through the pages of his story--one of inspiration and hope--he lives on and his words end up being a major factor in her own life, by convincing her to become both a better Christian, and a better human being.

Learning About Christ On The Wagon Train West, is a very strong story about faith and love about how Christians who put their faith in Christ can overcome any odds under the harshest of conditions. When one German immigrant family joins the wagon train headed for San Francisco, they are first shunned for their ‘funny language’ and somewhat strange ways. They are strong Christians with devout ways and eventually, through faith and love and perseverance and a few natural herbal remedies that God put on earth, they win the trust and love of the rest of the people they are traveling with.

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