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The Art of Mind - Kevin Dwyer

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There are different ways to use English, as with any language. Much though I’d like to speak German and indeed more French than je ne sais pas my study really lies in communication or connection. EU officials speak technically correct English, or that’s my impression from the way they present themselves. There’s also legal English, their profession get quite into that and there’s lots of other examples, scientific, computing and so forth, each a little world of their own.

Mostly I would have been instructed to write in a particularly formal and constructed manner. In fact everyone is told they should write in certain way. Reflecting on it now it seems like something of a brain lock. Perhaps what is required is to not do the same as everyone else. Specifically I mean in academic literature but a little more imagination and inventiveness across the board wouldn’t go amiss.

I mention this as after writing a few books as