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Crush At First Blush: Collection Of Poems

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Dearly beloved readers, in the absence of love and the presence of desire and lust, we gather here today to witness the union of letters “U” and ”I” in poetry writing, thereafter the birth of this collection as a result. Pieces of injustice, regret and death but above all love and crush.

To “She”, my future “Love” to be
To “Love” which is a step ahead of us
Somewhere between you and me but we cannot see
Meeting You proved to be tough
Mea culpa.....I’m guilty

Wherever you’re, whenever you come
I’m ready to set Single free
And call for an absolute unity

So what’s Love, does it have an ID?
Love is the amalgamation of the light of the moon and the heat of the sun
Which resulted in creation of You....from Adam and Eve to the humanity

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