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Who I've Become (3rd Edition)

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Invisible Masks
Traumatic experiences, rejection, and abuse can cause us to function as opposites of our true selves. We often say I’m fine when we’re emotionally, physically, and spiritually on edge. We don’t want the people around us to know that we are hurting, that we are struggling because exposing our weakness makes us vulnerable.

In Who I’ve Become, Sonya shares her own painful experience as a victim of childhood sexual abuse—from being pursued by one family member’s perversions to being used by several others. And, lying to keep up the facade that everything was okay when she was hurting inside.

Sonya's story shows how her abusers stole her ability to trust her parent’s love just like the enemy tricks us into thinking that we can’t take our burdens to the Lord and leave them there. It shows how we all wear masks at one time or another to cover up our frailties. The danger comes when we lose ourselves and our purpose.

This book is more than a testimonial; it is a resource to help you take off the mask and find the person God created you to be. Who I’ve Become, is a mirror of truth.

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