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'Landguard Fort' Royal Marine Museum

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All Royal Marines are what we call family. Where and when ever a Marine needs help, we do our best to try and help. During 2014 Rod Spinks and Steve Searle came up with the idea of setting up a Royal Marine museum within the Landguard Fort complex at the southern end of Felixstowe (Suffolk) overlooking the Rivers Stour and Orwell as they flow into the North sea. It also happens to be the last place a foreign invading force landed on the British main land. To every bodies relief they were defeated with the help of Captain Nathaniel Darell, and pushed back into the North sea from wince they came. It was also the very first battle that the Royal Marines fought on land, having been formed only three years earlier during 1664.
2014 was the first year that the British Heritage who now owns the fort, gave Rod and Steve permission to go ahead with their idea of a Royal Marine Museum. Their aim was to hope for donation to help all wounded Royal Marines, where ever they are.
This E-book is about the Museum, the history of Landguard Fort, and of the Royal Marines then selves. Their very long active service history that has been ongoing for just over 350 years. Of their and their traditions and every day talk. This is a continuation of Rod and Steve’s work hoping to raise more donation during 2015.

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