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A Special Child in the Family: Living with Your Sick or Disabled Child

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Written by a parent for parents, this book is for anyone whose child is sick or disabled or has other special needs. It talks about feelings and how to cope with them. It looks at ways to balance the needs of your family, your special child and yourself, and it gives you parent-sized solutions you can use yourself to make life better.

In addition to showing you how to find and use the help that's available, it provides tips on making a fuss when that help isn't as good as it should be. And it tackles the big taboos that no one usually talks about, like death and failing to cope.

A Special Child in the Family is the book Diana Kimpton searched for in vain when she discovered that her sons were incurably ill. Eventually she stopped looking and, after extensive research, she wrote the book herself. This third edition is a revised and updated version of the original book published by Sheldon Press in 1990. 

Here it is. The book all parents have been waiting for, written by a mother who has 'been there' with her sons who have Cystic Fibrosis, for those of use who have been there too. Therefore it is not written by someone who tells us what they think we want to know but by a mum who knows what we need.
(Research Trust for Metabolic Diseases News)

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