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The Kryptonite Chronicles: The Weather Man

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An average boy with low self–esteem, Zach Jones is suddenly sent from his boarding school, Maria Frank, to Da Vinci Academy with his best friends, Kelly Adams and Jamie Stark. Kelly is quiet and smart, but to Zach, she is perfect in every way despite losing her parents at a young age. Jamie is the class clown, who always likes to make people laugh. Upon arrival, they learn that Da Vinci Academy is run by an immortal Leonardo Da Vinci, and that the students have unique abilities. Kelly discovers that she can transform into animals, while Jamie can shape metal and Zach can control the weather. They soon learn that Da Vinci’s staff of power has been stolen by WSP, the William Shakespeare Prep. Without permission, Zach and his friends decide to go on a cross-country adventure to retrieve the staff for Da Vinci. Kelly’s bossy roommate, Annie Cook, joins the team, and they face vampires, wild coyotes, trolls, exploding trains and more. During their journey, a strange woman appears in Zach’s dreams, giving him advice. But who is she? Why does she seem so familiar? The companions encounter evil teachers and unspeakable horrors at Machiavelli Institute in Texas, the Mussolini School for Talent in L.A. and WSP in Seattle. Will Kelly succeed in fighting off an assassin targeting Zach and Annie? Will Jamie survive after WSP takes over his mind? Will Emma, a nine-year-old slave, end up being a traitor or will she help retrieve the staff? Can the friends prevent the coming war between Da Vinci Academy and its rival school?
Find out more, as you embark on their adventure!

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