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Guns & Salvation: An Essay

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A preface states the problem of the interpretation of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Chapter 1 notes the liberal swindle of separating individual ownership of arms from the militia supported by citizenry, often armed on their own efforts. Chapter 2 notes the failure of conservative pundits to stress the all important militia in defending American justice and legitimate government. Chapter 3 recommends using the liberal argument to justify arming people within the militia itself, the real defender of legitimate government against criminal conspiracy. Use the liberal argument to destroy their plot to disarm the country. Chapter 4 discusses guns and murder, noting that murder is a deed independent of gun ownership. It surmises the murder rate is higher in London and Boston than in Dallas by stealthy murder. Chapter 5 attacks those who belittle the militia such as George Washington and Andrew Jackson. It uses the history of the French & Indian Wars in Canada to show how denigrating militias is often used to cover up treason. A general attack against Britain and extollers of the so called Founding Fathers ends the essay.

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