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The Executioners

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Sheriff Gene Adler is called out about a cabin with dead people in it. When he arrives at the cabin in the mountains of east Tennessee, he finds 10 bodies shot execution style. On the door is a note from The Executioners. Among the dead is Ginger Decker, daughter of Sheriff Ernest Decker who was murdered 10 years earlier and his murder was never solved. Then Gene is called out by a woman whose sister is missing and he must tell her that her sister is dead. Zippora "Zippi" Decker is psychic though she denies it. She says sometimes she "just knows things." In the following week he psychic power becomes stronger. She helps Gene in his search for the killers, expecially whoever is at the top of the organization. When Zippi hears two women talking about the excutioners, she gets a target on her back; even a bomb in her apartment. As the bodies keep dropping, Zippi and Gene spend a lot of time together and the sexual tension builds between them. When Zippi's brother, Rock, returns from Afghanistan, Gene hires him as a deputy to augment his shrinking staff. When the murderers kill one of their own, Gene gets his first solid evidence but before he can act on another of the organization is dead. Then Zippi brings him evidence he can't use in court because she got it from a ghost.

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