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Sheet Music for Flute: Book 3

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10 Classical Pieces With Flute/Piano Duets
This is a Flute sheet music book with 10 classical sheet music pieces. Each piece has two easy arrangements, one for solo Flute, the other for Flute and Piano when playing duets. The piano parts can be played on piano or electronic keyboard, they are very easy to play and are arranged to accompany the Flute.


1. Valse Lente
2. Caprice
3. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
4. Etude
5. My Heart at Thy Sweet Voice
6. Piano Concerto No 1
7. Sonata in C Major
8. Sonata Pathetique
9. Theme From Jupiter
10. Waves of the Danube

Skill Level: Grade1 to Grade 3.

Compatible Devices
The digital sheet music in this book can be viewed on all tablet devices.

My name is Michael Shaw, I hope you enjoy the sheet music in this book.

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