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The Journal of Madeline Smythe

Length: 125 pages2 hours


The Journal of Madeline Smythe is set in the late nineteenth century, and details the startling and supernatural events that result from Madeline's removal from staid, safe England to exotic and exciting Egypt. Provided with an opportunity to explore the wide world at last, Madeline is determined to help her father in his mysterious work to find the lost tomb of one of the first Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. It is after she makes a startling discovery that shakes her very understanding of the workings of the universe and the true history of long dead civilizations. Realizing that to reveal her secret to the men on the dig would result in her being barred fro any further explorations, Madeline decides to remain silent and investigate on her own. However, the secret she hides could be discovered at any moment, bringing the wrath of her father. Or worse, her tampering with the supernatural could result in madness or death. What will Madeline do?

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