Lauriel: A Tale of the Tuaneth

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Lauriel: A Tale of the Tuaneth

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Lauriel is a Tuaneth, the oldest race of beings in Erdos. Blessed with magical abilities, they brought art, science, and culture to the lesser Human races. But now they live within the hidden borders of their kingdoms, estranged from the former allies who betrayed them a millennia ago during the war to defeat the evil Lord Zarkhan, whose black magic nearly subjugated all the free peoples of Erdos. Captured by Dzemul bandits as a child, Lauriel spends years as a slave, first with the Dzemul leader, then as a concubine to a capricious and cruel potentate, before she wins her freedom, and with her best friend Rima, begins her search for the Tuaneth. Her adventures lead her to many lands and memorable encounters with kings, pirates, and unscrupulous merchants, all eager to use her for their own ends. Finally, she and Rima settle into a peaceful and contented life in the Olynthian Empire, and she puts her dream of finding the Tuaneth on hold. In the meantime, however, Lord Zarkhan's diabolical minions, the soulless Ouida, have begun raiding into Human lands, foreshadowing the Evil One's return, and Lauriel is asked by the Olynthians to find her people and secure their help for the unavoidable war to come. Although she agrees, her task is difficult, for not only are Tuaneth memories of Human betrayal long, the mysteries of her own Tuaneth heritage may finally be revealed. The greatest complication of all, however, comes when she meets the legendary Tuaneth leader, Lord Aros. The unexpected passion that erupts between them threatens to break her heart and brings consequences that will determine her fate and that of all the peoples of Erdos.

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