Some Day Rise Action Packed Espionage Thriller (2/3)

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Some Day Rise Action Packed Espionage Thriller (2/3)

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Some Day Rise Spies & Politics Thriller (2/3), opens with Nick Castelli and Lonny Makowski making their way by plane from Philadelphia to Bogota Columbia. While they stalk Don Alberto Enrique Nayari, a team of Drug Enforcement Agents and Central Intelligence Agency Action Officers strike at a drug laboratory in the Macarena Mountains, southeast of Bogota. Nick and Lonny break and enter the offices of the Don's public relations consultant. They obtain a copy of the Don's speaking itinerary. From Bogota, they make their way to a village near the border with Panama. Back in the United States, the plight of Ali Leon surfaces as something of a minor media event. An aspiring news reporter, Lisa Rappaport speaks with Ali's neighbors and the doctors who attended Ali's mother in the last days of her life. Lisa learns Ali had a warm human side. In spite of the fact he was directly involved in nearly one dozen homicides.

Don Alberto Enrique Nayari mounts the train station platform in Los Panches. Nick strikes at the Don like a snake slithering out from under a rock. The mafia hoodlum might have killed the Don, except for a heroic gesture made by a wiry little Priest, Father Tomas Gaillard. Nick and Lonny escape in the melee. They make it back to their rented automobile where Nick shoots Lonny in the small of the back. Andy Rooney adds a post-script to the Ali Leon story. He reminds gangsters like Lucky Luciano volunteered to work for the Office of Strategic Services, predecessor to the Central Intelligence Agency during the Second World War. By Andy's light, there is no government plot to assassinate Alberto Nayari and his super model wife. Andy opines instead for a 'loose cannon' in the Philadelphia Mafia.

Not surprising, Alberto Nayari believes the government of the United States plans to end his life. His remedy, take a D.E.A. / C.I.A. Strike team hostage. Then ransom these men for the C.I.A. Action Officer who killed his sons and the hoodlum who tried but failed to kill him and his wife.

Andy Howell's wife, Karen has a retired actress for a mom, Giselle Tyler Chesley. Giselle journeys from her estate to her daughter's apartment in Gaithersburg Maryland. Karen, Gisele, and Karen's two children, Jason and Alicia watch the CBS evening news while they dine. This particular evening Mister Dan Rather turns the whole show over to Don Alberto Nayari, speaking from his home office on a satellite feed from Bogota to the people of America.

Alberto Nayari demands the arrest and extradition of the mafia hoodlum from Philadelphia who tried to kill him and his wife. Moreover, the arrest and extradition of the Central Intelligence Agency Action Officer he believes is responsible for the deaths of his two sons, a certain Andrew George Howell. Karen Howell bursts out into tears. Then she screams- "I'm pregnant, Mother!" Giselle Tyler Chesley dials nine one one. By Jeff Dejent in association with Dynamic Entry Productions, LLC

Keywords: Fiction, Thriller & suspense, Spies & espionage

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