Hazel Haven 3: Of Tourists & Fugitives

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Hazel Haven 3: Of Tourists & Fugitives

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Length: 104 pages1 hour


With Heather and her friends split apart again, and the enemies they've made still on the loose, there's no slowdown in action and adventure that spans multiple islands and ship battles. In their attempts to regroup, the characters are blackmailed, kidnapped, stranded, and ambushed by everyone from monstrous criminals to gun-toting maniacs. And it is through these final tribulations that Heather's resolve is truly tested.

Of Tourists & Fugitives is the third book in the Hazel Haven trilogy. The series is a labor of love that combines the quirky characters and over-the-top fights of Japanese anime with a Western sense of humor and pacing. Inspired by stories like One Piece and Ranma 1/2, this lighthearted tale of islands, monsters, pirates, and castaways is a fun read for all ages.

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