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Time Chaser

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When fourteen-year-old William Remington discovers that he comes from a long line of time travelers, that is only the beginning of what proves to be a daring adventure. Unearthing this long-held family secret and finding a seemingly benign cloth catapults him into Middle Ages England.

Sucked into a time warp, he will have to rely on his wits in order to free himself and young Trea, both of them endangered by the sorcerer Mandrak. Trea's mother, also a pawn of the sorcerer's, brings them even more danger as she dabbles in magic spells. If Mandrak manages an escape from the legendary emerald, his threat to devastate life on Earth will come to fruition.

William's efforts to stop the sorcerer could prove fatal if Trea aids the sorcerer in a bid to save her mother. As the pendulum swings, William faces a mighty battle that offers no guarantee of survival. The final risk could be the ultimate price; both their young lives.

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