Accusations and Answers

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Accusations and Answers

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We have published 3 books to answer the accusation against Islam.
The first book “Does Islam snatch away the Rights of Women?” has explained the answers of accusations against woman in Islam. In this book Talak (divorce), Hijab ( Burqa, covering the body of the lady in decent way) a dress to protect the woman’s body and dignity, Multi marriages (Polygamy)and the Law of Inheritance (share of wealth in partition) are all discussed. Jizyah is the tax levied on Non-Muslims in a Muslim Kingdom, the Muslims paid Zakat, as tax to the government. This book has been delivered in many publications, which shows that it has impact on the society.
To fight with the Kafirs, worshiping Kaaba Mosque and worshiping directions are the other accusations answered in the book “Accusations and Answers”.
The Prophet married eleven times and it is accused by others. In the book “Why did Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) marry many women?” it is explained elaborately.
In the book “Intelligent questions and wise answers” elucidate the answers logically for Non-Muslims. If anyone read all the four books get relevant answers for all accusations. In this seventh edition of the “Accusations and Answers” we have rearranged and added many explanations to answer all possible accusations on Islam.
I believe this book will be clear all the doubts arising out of these accusations. I pray Allah to strength our explanations and our belief not to be shattered.

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