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Weird Heroes, Book 1: Hairy Shanks

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Pro Se Productions proudly announces the latest series in its Pro Se Single Shot Signature line. Noted author Joshua Reynolds , known for his own unique voice in Genre Fiction and over the top, exciting characters, brings an unbelievable cast of do gooders and ne’er do wells to his Pro Se Single Shot Signature series 'WEIRD HEROES'. Featuring a new strange protagonist from one story to the next, Reynolds kicks off the series with a story of haunting and horror featuring Charles St. Cyprian, the Royal Occultist, in Hairy Shanks!

When a worker is savagely attacked in the Thames section of the London Tunnel Authority, Charles St. Cyprian, in his role as Royal Occultist, is summoned. He, along with his apprentice Ebe Gallowglass, are no strangers to the unusual and terrifying, but find themselves tackling something neither expected. A phantom of such savage power that it absolutely in no way is or was ever human. Charles St. Cyprian faces a haunting most primal when he faces Hairy Shanks!
Weird Heroes: Hairy Shanks is the first short story installment of Joshua Reynolds’ Weird Heroes, a Pro Se Single Shot Single Signature series.

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