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Kansas City Romance

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Kansas City Romance is a series of three contemporary stories in a boxed set that tells of three couple united by friendship.

This Child Is Mine: How would you feel if you discovered your eighteen-month-old daughter was not really your child? An impossible situation, but with God’s help, healing and love may win over heartbreak and loss. Babies switched at birth.

Making Things Right: Can a divorced couple come back together without starting their own civil war again? Lori and Ron don’t think so, but when his terminally ill sister begins matchmaking and his three-year-old niece needs a new mom and dad, they take a second look at what’s really important.

Three Broken Hearts: Kent needs an interior designer but gets more than he bargained for. More than three years have passed since his wife’s death when his almost thirteen-year-old daughter’s rebellion began. Falling in love with Amy Roberts isn’t planned, but even Sierra’s protests can’t keep them apart. Only Amy, who refuses to come between father and daughter, can do that.

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