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A Lancaster Amish Vacation for Jacob: A Lancaster Amish Home for Jacob, #5
A Lancaster Amish Vacation for Jacob: A Lancaster Amish Home for Jacob, #5
A Lancaster Amish Vacation for Jacob: A Lancaster Amish Home for Jacob, #5
Ebook103 pages2 hours

A Lancaster Amish Vacation for Jacob: A Lancaster Amish Home for Jacob, #5

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About this ebook

Vacation. Adventure. Secrets.

Abandoned Philadelphia teen Jacob Marshall has found an Amish home with Thomas and Dorothy Mast. They go on vacation to Florida from time to time, and this year is year when they set out. But when Jacob decides to get some comic books at all costs, will he survive a perilous boat trip, and Sarah the perils of young love?

New adventures await in this light-hearted look into vacationing with the Masts, including a run in with an evangelist who's on a mission to bring Jesus to the Amish people, a female boat captain who comes with a really odd problem, and Jacob's attempt to swim for shore in his bid to convince Thomas that comic books are worth buying.

In the meantime, Sarah falls for a boy named Simon who tells her a secret that explodes all over the family. Will Jacob survive a perilous boat trip, and Sarah the perils of young love?

Find out in Book 5 of the bestselling A Home for Jacob series.

Release dateJan 26, 2015
A Lancaster Amish Vacation for Jacob: A Lancaster Amish Home for Jacob, #5
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    Book preview

    A Lancaster Amish Vacation for Jacob - Rachel Stoltzfus



    I have to thank God first and foremost for the gift of my life and the life of my family. I also have to thank my family for putting up with my crazy hours and how stressed out I can get as I approach a deadline. In addition, I must thank the ladies at Global Grafx Press for working with me to help make my books the best they can be. And last, I thank you, for taking the time to read this book. God Bless!

    CHAPTER ONE - 'cation!


    Wake up, Jacob! Sarah shouted as she jumped up and down on his bed. If the frame hadn't been a product of Amish design, Jacob was almost certain that he would have ended up on the floor in a pile of wooden splinters. Still, his bed had become like a runaway horse, and he found himself gripping the edge of the mattress in an almost futile attempt to stay on.

    Sarah, Jacob said, his voice muffled from under the pillow. Sarah, you're twelve years old. Stop jumping on the bed.

    You're never too oooooooold to jump on the bed! she shouted, her voice noticeably fluctuating as she said the word ‘bed’.

    Jacob stopped for a moment and considered kicking her off the bed, but then thought twice about it. Thomas would be understandably annoyed if Sarah came up with a broken leg just moments before they were due to go on vacation.

    Okay, okay, Jacob said. I'm getting up.

    He did his best to pull himself out of the bed, shrugging the sheets off of his body and working his way around Sarah as she continued to hop like a possessed bunny rabbit.

    Okay, that's really enough, Jacob muttered as he stumbled out of the room.

    Jacob! Thomas said, barreling down the hallway with every intention to pass by. Did you feed the animals?

    Jacob rubbed his eyes as Thomas made a beeline for the stairs. Their neighbors, the Beilers had agreed to take care of the animals.

    How long have you guys been up? Jacob said, trying to adjust his vision. No one answered, but from what he could tell it was four o'clock in the morning, and everyone had been awake long before him. Was it like this every time they took a vacation? Jacob considered asking Thomas that very question, but instead found himself walking into the wall next to the washroom door.

    Ow, he said.

    For a moment, the world went blurry, but he quickly regained his vision and wandered into the washroom. He checked thoroughly to make sure it was empty and then closed the door, satisfied upon hearing the latch click. This was to be his safe place, at least for a few moments. His head was still spinning from the sudden awakening, and he wasn't quite sure he even wanted to be up and about. He leaned against the granite sink and soaked in the sound of silence for a few moments. He just needed a few more to wake up, just a few...

    Almost as if on cue, the door burst open and Dorothy walked through holding a bundle of towels.

    Sorry! she exclaimed. I have to put these away!

    Hey! Jacob shouted. I was about to—

    Calm yourself, Dorothy said as she left the bathroom. You don't have anything I haven't seen before! Her words stunned him; he was not used to Dorothy being so forward. He must have looked that way, because she laughed and patted him on the shoulder. Yes, the Amish do have a sense of humor.

    Not funny! Jacob shouted at her as she walked down the stairs. He sighed, looking at himself in the mirror.

    I heard he has less than that! Sarah said, as she skipped down the hallway past the bathroom. Was this the way it was going to go? Was he doomed to a life of being the butt of every joke?

    Sarah! Thomas shouted. Stop that! He popped his head in the bathroom and winked at Jacob, before heading off down the hallway.

    The house went silent for a moment. Thomas didn't yell often, but when he did, they knew to take it with deadly seriousness. After a brief silence, the house returned to normal, and Jacob managed to finish his business in the wash room. He took a quick look at his face before walking back to the bedroom, picking up the clothes that he'd left on his chair the previous night. Pulling a light blue shirt over his head and grabbing his dark pants, he hopped around the bedroom until he got one foot through the leg hole.

    We're leaving in ten minutes! Thomas shouted up the stairs. You hear me? Ten minutes! Jacob sensed the excitement in his tone. This vacation spot must be something special. He had to admit, he was getting excited, too.

    Couldn't hear you any clearer if you used a bullhorn! Jacob shouted back, not one to admit that he was happy to be going.

    Leave those poor bulls alone! Sarah shouted as she ran past Jacob's bedroom again. He couldn't fathom why she'd run past; there wasn't anything past his bedroom. She immediately turned and rushed back down the hallway. He almost immediately heard a crash followed by Thomas telling her to slow down. Seconds later, Thomas appeared in Jacob's doorway.

    Did you pack everything you needed?

    Uh...yeah, Jacob said. Got my clothes, Gameboy, couple of TV's, cellphone...you know.

    Don't get smart with me, Thomas said as he turned and walked back down the hallway, only to run into Sarah as she barreled down the hallway.

    Sarah! he shouted.

    Sorry, Daed! she giggled. I'm just so excited. We're going on 'cation!'

    She liked to call it 'cation. Jacob couldn't figure out whether she was having trouble pronouncing it, or if she was perhaps trying to annoy him. He shook his head and took one last look around the room.

    Aren't you taking a book? Dorothy asked as she peeked into his room. There was no privacy here.

    I don't need a book, Jacob reassured her. And what book could he take? All he had were two books he'd brought with him from the city, a small Bible that had been highlighted extensively, and three dog-eared comic books.

    Are you certain? Dorothy asked, furrowing her brow. It's a long ride. Jacob liked Dorothy. She was pretty good as far as mothers went. She always looked out for him, as well as joked with him in an Amish sort of way. But she also was respectful of the fact that he was a boy trying to fit in and learn the Amish ways. He liked that about her, and it made her intrusions not that annoying. She was also a very good cook, which made up for any Amish annoyances she might employ. There was something to be said for Amish fried chicken.

    I can look out the window, Jacob replied, sifting through his meager collection of reading matter.

    As you wish, Dorothy said, the beginnings of a smirk present on her lips as she turned and walked away. For a moment, Jacob stared at his sparsely stocked bookshelf, then shrugged

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