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Winterwakers Part 2: Bitter Winds: Winterwakers, #2

Length: 212 pages3 hours


The human hibernation saga continues with Bitter Winds, the second installment in the thrilling Winterwakers series.

The snow-covered world descends further into chaos as a mysterious, powerful organization pushes ahead with their sinister plans. Elliot, furious at Carlos over the incident at Thurman Plaza, joins the rebels and agrees to help uncover a mole within their ranks. On a snowmobile expedition in the countryside, his resolve is tested by a brutal rebel lieutenant bent on breaking his spirit. Back in the city, Sarah, still haunted by what became of her missing Sleepers, is confronted by Kira Gulati, a brilliant Winterwaker doctor who threatens to uncover the truth. And Carlos, now regarded as a hero for stopping a rebel plot, must grapple with the lies he's told, the lives he's taken, and the friendship he's lost. Against all odds, a golden opportunity presents itself, forcing everyone to make heart-wrenching sacrifices for a slim chance at victory.

Winterwakers Part 2: Bitter Winds is the second of three books in the Winterwakers series by Matt Perkins. Be sure to read Part 1: Cold Hands, also available.

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