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Grinning and Baring It

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Giselle has always been the adventurous type, but one day her love of the great outdoors leads her down a path she never expected. Separated from her friends during a hike in Yosemite Park, the blonde bombshell searches for hours before deciding to make camp for the night. More than just a pretty face, she's always been able to hold her own, so when she narrowly escapes a hungry bear and stumbles upon a quiet, empty cabin in the woods, she settles in for the night, thinking she is safe. But wild animals aren't the only predators Giselle needs to worry about. She wanders about the cabin, making herself at home, but nothing is quite to her liking. Not the food, and certainly not the bunk beds she tries out one by one. Everything is too hard, or too soft, to cold, or too hot.

She soon discovers that her little haven isn't as uninhabited as it appears, and when its three tenants arrive after a long day of work, the sexy former Girl Scout begins to wonder if she's bitten off a bit more than she can chew. It's hard to convince them she shouldn't be arrested for breaking and entering, especially when their anger turns to lust, but if Giselle doesn't want to spend the night out in the cold, she'll just have to grin and bare it!

(Warning: This short story includes graphic sexual content, and is solely intended for adult readers 18 and over)

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