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Killing Doctor Jon: Jon's Trilogy, #3

328 pages5 hours


Jon Anthony's unwilling celebrity and outspoken personal beliefs continue to outrage his enemies at home and abroad. Pursuant to a fatwa against Anthony, Islamists leverage the fortune of an Oil Minister in a bid to avenge what they perceive to be an outrage against the true faith.

(Nominally) Christian extremists stateside become unwitting allies of a global strategy by a bitter foe. After life-changing attacks at home, Jon Anthony wages a personal crusade against those whom he holds responsible, armed only with his faith.

Circumstances take Anthony back to the Middle East to pursue a final showdown, encountering old friends and unlikely allies along the way. At stake is his life, as well as the stability of government on the Arabian Peninsula.

Approx. 84,500 words / 281 pp. print length.

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