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Highly Intuitive People (extract) by Heidi Sawyer

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Heidi Sawyer has worked for 16 years to discover the journey of the highly intuitive person. In this book, she shares the techniques and principles she has used to help thousands of highly intuitive, sensitive people discover and use their incredible gifts, and adjust how they live in the world to reflect who they really are.

Highly Intuitive People are a group of people who are especially sensitive to the energy of others. They may have health niggles and emotional challenges that are different to those of the average person, but they have an extraordinary skill for 'seeing around corners' and a unique ability to heal. Today, society is shifting into the gentleness of the right-brain world of insight and intuitive input. Once sidelined, the typical characteristics of the highly intuitive person - creative genius, empathetic understanding and intuitive sensitivity - are now a huge advantage in the workplace and beyond. This book will help you to recognize yourself as an intuitive sensitive, and show you how to unlock your unique talents.

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