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Night Stalkers Special Features

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Author’s commentary on the origin, backstory, and writing of the acclaimed military romantic suspense series: The Night Stalkers.

“Top 10 Romance of 2012.” – Booklist, The Night Is Mine
“Top 5 Romance of 2012.” –NPR, I Own the Dawn
“Best 5 Romance of 2013.” –Barnes & Noble, Take Over at Midnight

Like Special Features on a DVD. Find out:
• Who are the Real-life Night Stalkers
• How the series was born
• Research madness
• How Emily got her gun and discovering her series teammates
• Sniper thinking
• Integrating tech—without killing the reader
• Daniel, Frank, and Peter…and why they insisted on their stories being told
• Dilya, the character who refused to be written out of the series

Story, Characters, Research, Craft…

In this frank, open exploration, M.L. discusses the origin of ideas, characters, and plots. The author investigates finding “story” and working to translate that to the page. The writing process itself falls under close scrutiny, both the pitfalls and the triumphs.

Also includes the Night Stalkers Christmas short story: Ghost of Willow’s Past

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