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A Slow Burn: A Post-Apocalyptic Horror

Length: 68 pages1 hour


"Brilliant and addictive!"

It wasn't the first time Bernie woke up in a stranger's house with a sore head, although it had​ ​certainly been a while.​ ​Course, the​ ​stench of rot, an eerie silence, and the​ bloody ​head wound were​ ​all new.​ ​

Struggling to remember the events leading to her taking refuge under a stranger's bed, Bernie stumbles around, wounded and disoriented. In desperation, she​ ​longs for​ ​the​ ​living, but with death and destruction everywhere, isolation becomes a monster all of its own.​ Forgotten events​ ​soon​ ​assault her mind, offering only snippets of​ ​information.

When a girl finds her and leads her to other survivors, will Bernie​ ​remember the most important details​ ​of what happened in time to save them all, or are their fates irreversible?

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