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Moonlight Initiation 1-4

Length: 403 pages6 hours


This 103,000 word collection contains all four stories in the Moonlight Initiation series: Hazing Moon, Tempting Moon, Haunting Moon, and Mating Moon. Meet Logan, a college sophomore who discovers his new fraternity is more than it seems, and Christian, the reluctant werewolf who discovers Logan is exactly what he needs.

Hazing Moon (9,100 words):

Logan has no idea some of the Alpha Kappa Tau brothers are werewolves and Christian, who's lusted after Logan for months, would like to keep it that way--against his Alpha's wishes. But when Logan ends up blindfolded, half-naked, and tied to a post on the full moon, Christian gives in to temptation. Calling himself Lucas, he seduces Logan, but his plan goes awry when his control shatters...and he shifts in the middle of their encounter. Can Logan handle the truth?

Warning! This 9,100 word short story contains explicit descriptions of light bondage, rimming, blindfolds, nipple play, anal sex, sex with a shifted (but humanoid) werewolf, and knotting.

Tempting Moon (16,700 words):

Christian might want to pretend he didn't lose control and fuck Logan on the full moon, but Logan is determined not to let that happen. Confronting Christian, Logan offers him a deal: if Logan can seduce Christian within the next week, they'll have to face what happened and figure out what to do next, but if he fails, they'll both try to forget and move on. Unfortunately for Christian, Logan is pulling out all the stops and he knows exactly what buttons to push. Can Christian possibly get his way? By the end of the first few days, will he want to?

Warning! This 16,700 word story contains explicit descriptions of masturbation, blowjobs, oral fixations, phone sex, knotting, butt plugs, and a pledge who's too stubborn to quit.

Haunting Moon (27,000 words):

Christian and Logan might be good in bed, but their tentative friends with benefits arrangement has both of them questioning what they want and how they feel. To make matters worse, a werewolf with connections to Christian's past comes to Raven Hill, looking for her missing sister and seemingly determined to cause trouble. As Christian deals with the memories she brings up, Logan questions his ability to protect the people he cares about. Will the new arrival bring them closer together, or drive them apart? And why does she keep calling Logan Christian's mate?

Warning: This 27,000 word erotic novella contains explicit descriptions of frottage, anal sex, edible body paint, orgasm denial, handcuffs, mentions of spanking, blowjobs, aftercare, and two guys in denial.

Mating Moon (50,800 words):

The werewolves who disrupted life in Raven Hill may have left town, but Christian and Logan are still reeling. Logan’s inability to protect the man he cares about makes him consider giving up his humanity, while Christian, who doesn’t believe in fate, conceals the revelation that they might be soulmates.

If they’re ever going to make their relationship permanent, they’ll have to deal with the secrets they’ve been keeping as well as their own insecurities--not to mention the woman from Christian’s past who refuses to let him go.

Warning! For Adults only. This 50,000 word short erotic novel contains explicit descriptions of semi-public sex, blowjobs, gay sex, anal sex, frottage, rimming, makeshift gags, soulbonding, and knotting.

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