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The Complete Erotic Greeks

Length: 330 pages6 hours


The complete erotic Greek series in one collection. Ten tales of lesbianism, homosexuality, group and solo encounters featuring gods, creatures and people from ancient Greece waits within.

Books one and six are pure lesbian tales. Book one is the tale of a young woman’s sexual awakening whilst book six centres on the desire one sorceress in training holds for her teacher.

Books four and nine are homosexual tales with a gladiator learning his sexual future in book four and in book nine a young troublemaker finds out the legend of the minotaur is not all it is cracked up to be.
Book two, five and seven are centred on one on one or small groups. Book two features the tale of a young Amazon warrior and her mission of mercy whilst book five is the tale of a poet in training getting more than he bargained for when he asks for help from the muses. Finally book seven follows a young prince escaping from an ambush and finding shelter amongst three very strange ladies.

Book three is the tale of a maiden and her dreams and is centred on light domination.

Book eight features the child of hermaphrodite, a child who embodies both sexes and the man who woos her.

Finally book ten see's two maidens sacrificed and taken away to find themselves and each other's desires in the bacchanalia. Of course being the bacchanalia everything goes.

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