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Erotica Online: An Erotica about Erotica (Student Teacher School Classroom Erotica)

Length: 67 pages47 minutes


Katie Amor is a normal eighteen year old senior high school student by day, and an aspiring erotica writer by night. All her friends are exploring the exciting world of online erotica, but she is the only one who decided to create original stories.

The only problem is that is her family are conservative Christians living in a conservative neighborhood. Katie and her friend/editor Anita work on their erotica in secret, constantly staying one step ahead of the parental control features on their laptops and iPod Touches.

But one day Katie makes a fatal mistake and all hell breaks lose when her erotica hobby is exposed. Condemned and stripped of her writing tools, will she be able to keep listening to the voice in her heart?


Erotica Online is an exciting new coming-of-age type of erotica. It tells the tale of a young woman exploring her creativity through the erotica medium in a conservative environment where anything sexual is condemned. Throughout the story, full copies of Katie’s experimental erotica will be shown, documenting the journey of a young and aspiring writer. It’s a tale of finding yourself and learning to listen the voice in the heart even when everything and everyones pressures you to do the opposite.

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