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Valentine's Night At The Ladies Club

76 pages54 minutes


Can Jewel break free from a dangerous, abusive husband and find someone to make her feel life is worth living again?

Loud-mouthed Jewel has a heart of gold, but that doesn’t stop her violent husband laying into her when things go wrong for him. When husband Jack is finally arrested for beating her up yet again, Jewel is determined to rebuild her self-confidence by exploring the services of The Ladies Club.

But there's a problem... Tom Sharp, the police officer who arrested Jewel's husband, holds his self-defense class within yards of the luxury time-share units where the ladies have their club.

Jewel has no idea that her friends have set her up with the hot law enforcement officer, or that Tom’s rugged exterior hides a heart of gold and an appetite that adds risk to attraction, along with a mega-boost to Jewel’s feelings of self-worth.

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