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Harmony in Marriage: Gnani Purush Dadashri

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Everywhere in life, a man and a woman get married to seal and prolong their desire for happiness with each other. Not long after the marriage ceremony however, most couples find themselves in a state of conflict and then overt differences of opinions with each other and this leads to divisiveness between them and sometimes even divorce. Harmony in their marriage is replaced by disharmony and pain for themselves and their loved ones. Why do people who 'love' each other fight the most with each other only? There is a very simple reason for this. They are not aware of who they really are. Not knowing who they really are they entered into a relationship with the conviction that the other person will be the source of lasting happiness.
The current account of married life with the partner of the opposite sex is a result of a contract that was signed in the past life, says Gnani Purush Dadashri. One has no choice but to suffer the effects of the pain and pleasure that unfold in the current life, due to that contract. This is very profound and subtle knowledge that begins to unfold within the reader of this book, 'Harmony in Marriage'.
Gnani Purush Dadashri; Gnani or Jnani is the One who has known, is in the experience of, the eternal Self. Purush means the Self. Akram Vignan means means that which is attained without doing anything, and the science behind this. A gentleman by the name of Ambalal M. Patel became a Gnani Purush in June 1958. This happened spontaneously within him. The absolute light of the Self prevailed in him from that time. In that state of the absolute Self, he became the instrument for the salvation of the world. The words that came out through his medium, have become words that are now liberating hundreds of thousands of human beings who were seeking meaningful solutions for their pains. These satsang sessions of the Gnani Purush happened in Gujarati and were carefully preserved and are presented as they are, in many different languages. They are all in the form of questions and answers from Gnani Purush Dadashri.
This book is a beautiful compilation of the answers from the Gnani Purush to questions from men and women who have overt and subtle conflicts and clashes in marital life, and who simply do not know how to be free from them. They yearn for the harmony in their relationship with their spouses, and the reader will be amazed and grateful for the clarity and understanding that happens within. This understanding begins to solve the marital problems with an approach that surpasses years of visits to marriage therapists and psychologists.
Married couples are constantly finding themselves at odds with each other and find no harmony in their life together. So for this era, how is a married couple to find harmony and freedom from constant stress and tension? Is there any scripture or book that they can rely on? What are they to do? For these folks, the exact answers to their daily life questions and problems are available in very simple direct language of the one who has lived a married life and experienced the problems encountered, and has awakened to the true nature of the world and the Self.

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