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A Brother's Bond

Length: 712 pages11 hours


Johsala, the once powerful stronghold of Husam al-Din, has faded, its influence over the desert tribes long since replaced by the towering minarets of Sira'an.

Yet creeping in the dark catacombs beneath Sira'an are those who seek to undermine its authority, men who desire to reclaim Johsala's throne. Promises of power have been made, but they have all been deceived, their ambitions twisted by Na'ilah, blood heir to the mind of Husam al-Din.

Unaware that their presence alone could tear Sira'an apart, Ohrl and Faerl slip quietly into the city. Now their desperate escape from the Brotherhood serves only one purpose, to break the bonds of those who govern Sira'an, and once more bring war upon the desert tribes.

Allegiances will be formed, and blood must be spilled before a new leader can rise, but hidden from all remains a darker foe, an ancient power long forgotten within the mighty forest of the Ji'ruk.

A Brother's Bond is the second of four epic fantasy novels, following the lives of two brothers in their quest against the rightful heir to the mind of Husam al-Din.

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