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A Bad Day: The Complete Series

Length: 93 pages1 hour


A Bad Day...
At the Office
Her boss was at the end of his temper with her and failed to see any reason for keeping her on as his employee...
Until he found out just what she was prepared to do to keep this job!

With the Landlord
Andrea has to go back to her apartment and face her lecherous landlord, and explain to him just why she has no rent money for him.
Can she persuade her creepy landlord to give her some time - to find a new job and get some cash together... How can she persuade him?

With a Mad Professor
A job interview for the position of assistant to a slightly odd professor, and she is all set to ‘enjoy’ the opportunity of working for a real professor...
Andrea has not been there for more than five minutes though, when she starts to feel a little peculiar, could it be the tea that the professor made for her – or could it be something that he put in the tea?
It seems that Andrea is about to ‘endure’ the interview...
She’s about to have another bad day – with a 'mad' professor.

For the Professor
When the professor's nephew - Nigel comes for a visit, it doesn't take him very long to discover his uncle's secret, and having already seen and taken a fancy to Andrea then the nephew proves to have no more scruples than the uncle!
In the Park
Andrea has been working for the professor for some time now, and still seems oblivious to what the professor does to her, once he's hypnotised her.
But the professor is getting more ambitious with his little play thing, and yesterday he sent her home with specific instructions.
Today is such a beautiful day, a perfect day for taking a walk in the park...

An end to the bad days..
As Andrea comes to terms with her employer, her landlord and her own nature, she realises that being used for sex does not have to be all bad – not for her. She can gain as much pleasure from the experience as the user does, and if he should feel the need to recompense her for it then who is she to argue?

Please note that any sexual activity in this series is between adults over the age of 18 years.

This is erotica of the dirty seedy kind, and so reader discretion is seriously advised for 18 years and over - otherwise enjoy :)

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