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The Seduction of Jason

Length: 186 pages2 hours


A Fayrene Preston Romance Classic.

Morgan Saunders was horribly afraid of flying. Likewise, she desperately needed a vacation. She decided to handle both her problems by drinking. Inside the plane, she took a death grip on the plane’s armrests, closed her eyes and prayed she wouldn’t die.

Jason Falco had watched her since he had spotted her in the airport lounge. He had even given up his first class seat to be near her. To get her mind off her obvious fear of flying, he started up a conversation, but he ended up making love to her -- all the way to Martinique.

Their holiday was beyond wonderful. Morgan fell in love, and she was certain he felt the same way. But back home, they found something waiting for them that threatened to tear them apart.

Morgan couldn’t allow that to happen. She had to remind him of the love they had shared on the island. She decided to seduce him, but it was hard to do when he refused to see her.

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