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Silver Miracles

Length: 181 pages2 hours


A Fayrene Preston Romance Classic.

With the full moon high in the sky, Trinity Ann Warrenton couldn’t sleep. She was lured by the silver light to come out and play, and she just couldn’t resist. She ran down to the pool, scooped off her nightgown, and dove cleanly into the water. She swam, and splashed, and laughed. It was a perfect night.

But unbeknownst to her, a stranger watched. Chase Colfax. And whereas, she was fascinated by the moon, he was fascinated by her.

They both fell deep into passion.

She insisted she make the rules. No gifts, no money, and she decided when the affair was over. He hated her rules, but he found he would do anything for Trinity Ann Warrenton.

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