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Heroine Tracks

Length: 89 pages1 hour


Aisha Raison's recent book is, according to her, "Me, standing in the desert buck naked for the world...I'm getting a great tan, but still scared of getting burned."

Heroine Tracks is a book that had been created since the release of Speaking in Cursive and Other Adventures of Little Girl Blue in 2012. This book a personal diary, a few pages from her life : revealing, honest and sincere. Ms. Raison tells tales of womanhood and its friendships (or sometimes the lack of), domestic violence, rising again after a fall, cheating, coping with the end of a marriage and more. As a Womanist, poet and mother of one, she wanted to reveal more than just the poetry and to remind women that they are not alone, whether it is getting out of a relationship, reintroducing herself to the woman that she is or getting over the hurt that she has endured.

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