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A Hero's Beginning

Length: 305 pages4 hours


Lyndon Johnson (not that Lyndon Johnson) is a 12 year old little boy struggling to avoid the same mistakes his father made. He has no particular desire to enter politics though he has a natural aptitude for it, and he finds himself thrust into the politics of the modern world. He must prepare for war (not that war).  His crew is being threatened. His class is being threatened. And so Lyndon must now try to unite and lead the entire 6th grade class to confront the challenges they face. Yet Lyndon knows from his father’s example that in this day and age it is nearly impossible to organize groups to take effective action. He knows also that though there are many would be leaders in the world, there are few who can truly accomplish the task. His job therefore is nothing more complicated than figuring out how to overcome the politics of inertia. He must do what even his father could not do, he must lead. 

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