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Trailer Park Gospel: In the Beginning

Length: 61 pages1 hour


When Stacy Weber and her husband moved to a beautiful new home in California, she thought they’d arrived in paradise. Yet when Stacy struggles to get out of bed in the morning, she realizes her real journey has only begun . . . Weber’s debut memoir takes us on a profound, often hilarious quest, from the trailer parks of San Francisco to an “unconventional” therapist named Phillip. As Weber confronts her darkness head on, she learns some surprising truths, especially about her faith. With her engaging personality, Weber embraces her inner chaos with brawn and heart, challenging Christians to step up and be Christian. Her authentic, immensely relatable journey toward healing inspires us to see Jesus’s touch in everyone we meet. Trailer Park Gospel teaches us how to jump into our lives as Jesus meant them to be—full of relationships, love, and forgiveness. And, of course, to look for the Good News wherever we go.

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