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Charon's Daughter

Length: 412 pages6 hours


If you dare to read this story, you will meet and get to know a very unusual woman who will change, or at least challenge, the way you look at the world and even your own life values. Our heroin, Shannon Lahey, competes at the highest and most intense levels of traditional male enterprises. Yet, throughout she remains very womanly, lustful, loyal, humorous, nurturing, and competent human being, who also loves men.
The 19th century, our American setting for Shannon's adventures, was overtly very sexist and racist. Today, legislation has repressed most overt sexism and racism and yet traces linger in our souls. The people around Shannon struggle with life and self, much as we do. Shannon's own struggle for recognition and self-fulfillment, amid hand-to-hand combat, leading life-on-the-line battles with cannon and sabers, and intense sexual encounters, is both rejected and embraced by all levels of society, yet drives her growth as a fine strong woman.
Have a look, you should meet and get to know her.

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