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Atkins Diet - The Complete Atkins Diet Guide: Atkins Diet Plan And Atkins Diet Recipes

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Atkins Diet: The Complete Atkins Diet Guide - Atkins Diet Plan. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet.

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to incorporate the Atkins diet into your lifestyle to lose weight, boost your metabolism, and improve your overall health. By following the Atkins diet, it will be easier for you to achieve your desired weight and an optimal health for life.

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An Overview of the Atkins Diet
The Science Behind the Atkins Low Carbohydrate Diet
Phase 1 of the Atkins Diet: Induction
Phase 2 of the Atkins Diet: Balancing or Ongoing
Phase 3 of the Atkins Diet: Pre-maintenance or Fine Tuning
Phase 4 of the Atkins Diet: Lifetime Maintenance
Much, much more!

An Overview of the Atkins Diet

There are a lot of diet systems out there ranging from the downright weird to the expensive. And if you are reading this book, chances are you have already undergone one of these diet fads or are looking for a diet system that will work for you.

Different diet systems have different ideals and medical facts to back them up. Some are even endorsed by the government like the DASH and the Mediterranean. Some makes you think that what our ancestors used to eat are what’s good for us like the Paleo diet system. And most of these diets have one thing in common. They preach that if you want to reduce your weight, you should consume less calories than what you burn. Also, almost all of them tell you that fat is bad for you.

The Atkins diet system, however, contradicts the common foundation of most diet patterns available. Consumption of fairly large amounts of meats, cheese, eggs and butter are not just allowed, they are even recommended at some point. If you have undergone a common diet system before, what you will learn during your journey to the Atkins diet system may somewhat shock your foundations of how a healthy eating pattern should be.

Maybe that’s what made Atkins controversial since its introduction during the early 70’s by the late Dr. Atkins because it seems to contradict what the other diet systems advocate – low calorie and low fat means reduced weight. Some of the foods recommended by the Atkins diet system are even considered taboo by most dieticians and you may have grown to the teaching that these foods can cause a lot of diseases, especially to the cardiovascular system.

But with the millions of people with weight problems who have tried the Atkins diet system, from the common people to celebrities, most of them say that it works. And it works pretty well that it’s really a surprise to those who have adapted the Atkins lifestyle.

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