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The Magic Mesh: Mosaic Mesh Projects

139 pages22 minutes


You've gathered a lot of dishes that are cracked or broken? Good.
In this book we will learn how to use them.
In the mesh mosaic work you can combine different materials, decorate your walls - outside or inside and enjoy from a colorful and special mosaic art work.
This book focuses on creating a mosaic on mesh in different techniques.
You can create mosaic-letters, house numbers, stairs strips or stick a picture on the wall in your house.
You will find in this book number of projects that will guide you step by step how to create mesh mosaic work along with lots of tips and ideas.
This is just the beginning, once you learn the technique use your imagination and create your own beautiful mosaics!
At the end of the book you will find a bonus: a pdf file containing all the examples described.
Let's get together to a colorful journey!

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