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Sex On His Mind

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A Mind Is A Wonderful Thing To Waste, is a spicy Sci-Fi romance about a little boy who suddenly develops ESP, and it’s not until his twenties that he knows how he wants to use his talent; getting any woman he wants into bed with him. There’s a terrific little twist at the end of this story.

Love Bites From The Shark-Man, is a story set in the near future. Forget Frankenstein. Scientists are able to create a half-man/half shark hybrid and when reanimated, it creates the normal havoc one might expect, plus much more. A team of scientists who are also lovers, have to watch one man being eaten and a woman being attacked before they try to flee, but too late. The hybrid grabs the woman and begins to have sex with her and both lovers find themselves turned on. Thankfully, after he’s done with her he runs off into the city where they are happy to wash their hands of him and know that things just might get back to normal.

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