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Essence of Hinduism

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The Vedic scriptures are a vast treasure-house of the most resplendent divine knowledge, which contains the key for bringing about a divine transformation in our lives. Intuitively, seekers worldwide perceive that the heritage of India, the land of spirituality, holds in its bosom the rarest of rare secrets that they all yearn to know. That is why an inherent curiosity exists for understanding the concepts of Hinduism, reading its scriptures, and visiting the country that is the spiritual leader of the world.However, without proper guidance, such endeavors to fathom the secrets of Hinduism, even with the best of intentions, do not meet with success. People get stumped with how to access the knowledge, comprehend its wide-spectrum of concepts, and utilize them meaningfully in their lives. That is why Hinduism is an enigma for most Westerners.

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