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North of Sunset

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Sherman Lee is a temperamental action movie producer who lives in Beverly Hills overlooking Sunset Boulevard. His movies have brought him success but not the critical acclaim he craves. After a string of inept personal assistants, he hires Emily Karelin, a novice temp with no show business background.

Emily does office work to support her figure skating habit. Not trusting men due to a failed relationship with a pathological liar, she’s wary of Sherman and all he represents. However, they discover that they work well together, due to her willingness to learn. Wesley Barron, Sherman’s longtime actor friend, knows about the producer’s troubled past. The actor also wonders about the younger woman’s lack of showbiz knowledge, and how much common sense she has.

NORTH OF SUNSET explores the life of an ambitious man living above it all. Someone whose motto is “the only problem with being #1 is that it never lasts.”

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