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So Damn Beautiful: Children's Home 5 (So Damn Beautiful, #2)

Length: 292 pages2 hours


Wanted by police after her vigilante crusade through Detroit, Meredith Banks flees the city to continue tracking her son’s kidnapper, the dangerously charming psychopath named Christian Morgan. As her detective work ties Christian to a series of missing college girls, Meredith realizes she’s only scratched the surface of the horror that lurks behind his beautiful smile.

Now afraid that she’s up against a serial killer, Meredith needs help. She finds it in Glen Marsden: a surly, sarcastic student whose fiancée was among the missing college girls. Together, they set out toward what they hope is Christian’s home: the desert ghost town of Shadebrook, Nevada.

But Shadebrook has secrets of its own, from the seedy brothel on the outskirts, to the abandoned orphanage known as Children’s Home 5, rumored to be the site of abuse, murder, and human trafficking. As Meredith and Glen search the town to unravel Christian’s terrifying past, they’re drawn into conflict with powerful criminal forces who will do anything to keep the town’s secrets buried—and silence anyone who asks the wrong questions.

Thus continues the epic horror-thriller trilogy SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL. The full serial includes:
1. So Damn Beautiful: The Lonely One
2. So Damn Beautiful: Children’s Home 5
3. So Damn Beautiful: Lost Sanctum

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