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The Vegan Virgin (UFO Sex Girl, #1)

29 pages23 minutes


An alien who has never done it.
A woman searching for her missing cousin.
A wild sex romp begins…


Amy Rush has disappeared, and her cousin, Jo Fox is trying to find her.  Jo knows Amy was sleeping with various aliens, so she approaches a UFO group in an attempt to contact the aliens who abducted her nymphomaniac cousin.

What Jo doesn’t know is that if she hopes to track down her cousin, she’s going to have to open her mind, and her legs to a variety of aliens herself.

First up is a virgin from Vega, and he’s brought along Observers who like to watch.

Can Jo overcome her shyness to strip down and give a Vegan virgin his best night on Earth?  Oh who are we kidding?  This wouldn’t be for adults if she couldn’t bring some bang for your buck, so slip between the covers for the first adventure of UFO Sex Girl as she sleeps with The Vegan Virgin!

This short story features sex between humans and aliens, and is intended only for people over the age of 18.  As always, the tale was designed to be read with one hand free.  Enjoy!

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