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The Silent Talk Collection

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“Silent Talk” refers to the artificial telepathy that connects Faith and Chris. Raised unaware of their special ability or of each other, their mutual perception is confounding, when not outright maddening.

The first title, Trapped in a Dream, tells their story; how this freakish awareness both allures and torments them until their paths cross in a brutal twist of fate that leaves Faith confined to a hospital bed in a strange state of coma. Dr. Christian Luxford (Chris), the neurologist assigned to her case, is stunned to recognize his new beautiful patient as the illusion that has accompanied him all his life. Encourage by the enigma, he sets out to tackle the mystery, only to unveil the disturbing truth about his past and his unsuspecting involvement in a conspiracy three decades in the making.

The second title, Essence, picks up 7 months later. The young couple has barely had time to come to terms with their new reality, when Faith has a disturbing dream. What seems simply an unpleasant nightmare at first, unravels into the discovery of a horrid plot; that of one man’s plan to sacrifice his family in order to secure his own immortality. But what his family does upon learning of his intentions sets in motion a chain of events that will blur the line between victims and villain and lead to a most shocking discovery.

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