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Lust Is In The Air: Making Forbidden Babies (Boxed Set of 4 Taboo Erotic Stories)

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Step Love: Sade & The Man Of The House, is a story about a young woman who decides to
seduce the man of the house because she’s tired of her father yelling at her mother. Later, he
introduces her to a friend of his who eyes her with lust in his eyes. There is a surprise ending to this story.

Secrets Hidden Because Of A Promise -- After watching an adult video, a young woman’s friend is left alone with the man of the friend’s house, and finds herself only too anxious to make the most of a few hours of stolen lovemaking; but when her friend returns she is unable to spill the beans on how it went, and risk losing him because of a promise she made.

Step Desires, Making Love During A Blackout -- A young woman is surprised one evening when the man of the house wants to make love to her, yet remembers nothing the next morning. She eagerly accepts him because to do it, has long been a fantasy of hers.

Left At A Truck Stop By Her Angry Boyfriend -- A young woman is left at a truck stop by her angry boyfriend and learns all about the lessons of life from a trucker.

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